Whether you are full time, part time, some time agent or an investor, your time is valuable. In an ever changing real estate market, leveraging your time effectively is not something you should do, but what you must do if you want to succeed.

As a Realtor, you’re great with sales, negotiations and marketing. But perhaps you are too busy, you aren’t a paperwork person, or at a minimum, you just don’t enjoy doing it.

Enter MORE Services: We are ready to handle your transaction coordinator needs; saving you time and money couldn’t be easier. Let us chase the paper so you can focus on your clients; while you go out and sell!

No matter how many deals you close a month; if you are spending time focusing on activities that don’t have the potential to produce a sale, then you are losing time and money needlessly.

For example, you can spend 20+ hours on pending transactions scheduling appointments, chasing down signatures, copying, faxing, emailing’ etc.. Or you can outsource your file management for that transaction & use that 20+ hours to prospect for more business and give your clients additional time. This is going to give you a better opportunity to make a sale?

Our mission at M.O.R.E. Services is clear:

  • To deliver the highest level of customer service while assisting our clients.
  • To maintain and deliver A complete transaction file.
  • We are committed to working with you on all of your transaction coordination needs to provide the solutions you need at a reasonable price. And most importantly, we partner with you to improve your efficiency and productivity,
  • which ultimately increases your bottom line.

After having viewed our site, please contact us with any questions, or suggestions of how we can serve you better. If for any reason you decide to choose someone else, we would like to know why you felt they offered you a better service.


What our clients say

Jef is a pleasure to work with! Very attentive, quick to respond to inquiries, very knowledgeable in his industry & a great communicator. I Look forward to many closed business transactions with Jef.

Durrell Agent

In need of a technology savvy Transaction Coordinator three years ago, I did a lot of research before hiring Jef Wassom of MORE Services for my real estate purchases and sales. I have never regretted the decision and have never needed another TC. Jef is THE GUY! He is knowledgeable, organized, thorough, professional, timely, and reasonably priced. I have never met Jef; we do all of our work via email, a few telephone calls, but mostly emails. He is very prompt in replying to questions or requests. What I enjoy is that I feel an unusual friendship, perhaps because of his sense of humor and his loyalty.

When a purchase fell out of escrow, he was understanding & professional – even though he didn’t get paid for his work either. I always fell like he is protecting me & my reputation. He gave me his professional opinion on how to handle a tricky situation when I asked for it. Perhaps as important as my opinion, my clients and escrow officer have all had excellent comments about Jef and the entire process of his executed transactions. Do not hesitate to hire Jef.

Lydia Agent

Jef is a consceintious and diligent transaction coordinator. Got transactions? Jef helped me make my way through the deep forest of short sales in this crazy short sale market.

Jef always goes above and beyond in order to assist me in closing as many deals as possible. Let’s face it, asRealtors our job is better if we just focus on go get ’em back.

Jef frees up my time during the process so I can do just that. I would recommend Jef to all Realtors.

Gloria Agent

Jef’s services as a Transaction coordinator are priceless. His organization and timeliness gave me great relief and a quick close to my escrow. I strongly recommend him and will continue to use his services in the future…

Lindsey Agent
This was the first time that I have used MORE Services and it definitely won’t be the last! Jef was a wealth of knowledge and made the transaction a smooth one for everyone.
Tracey Agent

Your disclosure package was the BEST and most complete that I have ever received – even the correct names and broker numbers. I was very impressed.

David A Fellow Transaction Coordinator