Why Use a TC

Using your extra daylight wisely & MORE efficiently

Real Estate Daylight Savings

With the onset of setting our clocks forward combined with the spring solstice, gaining an extra 2 to 3 hours of daylight can mean more work. And being that Summer is the hottest season [no pun intended] for the real estate market, better time management will come into play and is essential to make it all work efficiently.

More daylight when clients are leaving work, most likely means MORE time you will be spending showing properties,writing offers, attending home inspections, and taking clients to open houses; which could also lead to MORE client dinners, MORE time at the office, MORE time to prospect and network, and LESS time away from family or friends.

Sounds pretty hectic and time consuming. Mix that in with you trying to open escrows, chasing down missing signatures and initials on your open escrow, trying to keep track of timelines, creating and organizing forms, downloading to your broker management system… your time is starting to dwindle and every hour is passing my way too fast.

One of my favorite quotes is: “DO WHAT YOU DO BEST OUTSOURCE THE REST” Peter Druker

You are great at what you do and most likely you love what you do, but hate the paperwork and organization side of it all.

At More Services, we love what we do. As crazy as it is, paperwork, compliance, and organization is our game, and we strive to be better than most. We are often told that we are one of the best by our competition.

MORE reasons to consider using our services:

If you are paying a TC a monthly salary, adding in bonuses, health insurance, taxes, etc. and doing 3-5 escrows a month, you would pay far less using our services per file.

Using the same reason above. If your a broker and your TC is a profit center for you. Again… saving the health insurance, taxes, space, etc… We can pay you back a set fee per file, per agent using our services.

Bottom line: Use your time wisely. Regardless of the season, you should be spending your time wisely; attending to your clients, the building of your business and more importantly time with your family.

MORE Services means MORE time and MORE money for you.