June 2019 – Form Revisions and New Additions

The Bi-Annual Revision and additions of C.A.R. forms are about to hit your Zipforms. No real major changes to speak of this time around. Click here for a Quick Summary Guide NEW FORMS PAPA -Purchase Agreement Probate Addendum PVR – Photo and Video Release WDFA – Wild Fire Advisory REVISED FORMS AS – Seller’s Affidavit […]

December Form Release Update

The new and revised forms that I had mentioned in October have remained, but due to statutory law changes that come effective on January, 1, 2019 the 20 forms directly below will also be revised. Following is a quick summary, but my suggestion is that you watch the detailed WEBINAR. Can also be found on […]

December 2018 – Proposed Form Revisions & Additions

Below are links to a summary of forms and examples of said forms. CAR has not yet approved these forms for a December release. These are their proposed changes and based on comments received, changes may be made or release may be postponed until a further date. All suggestions, input and comments should be in […]

California Prop 5 – Property Tax Transfer Initiative

On the upcoming ballot in November, there is a proposition to be voted on that is directly related to our industry! This initiative would allow homeowners who are 55+ to sell their homes while keeping some property tax protections. If it goes into effect it can increase the opportunity for more sales to happen….   […]

Should a Seller disclose Recording devices inside the home

Does a seller need to disclose the existence of Audio/Video recording equipment when selling and showing their property? In Short, Yes. While the buyer believe’s their conversations are private, there should be no expectation of privacy of anyone entering a home and privacy is a right that is given to us and we hold onto […]

SDAR releases Revised Local Area Disclosure Booklet

SDAR (San Diego Association of Realtors) has just released a new version of the Local Area Booklet for San Diego County. While I can’t seem to find an update as to what was changed, added or revised. I have skimmed thru the old and new and find the following changes. The changes I find are […]

Real Estate Daylight Savings

Using your extra daylight wisely & MORE efficiently

With the onset of setting our clocks forward combined with the spring solstice, gaining an extra 2 to 3 hours of daylight can mean more work. And being that Summer is the hottest season [no pun intended] for the real estate market, better time management will come into play and is essential to make it […]

Monday is Funday

Happy Monday…. Welcome! Today is the official launch of MONDAY FUNDAY.  On the [first] Monday of every month (unless that Monday is a holiday, then it will be the following Monday) I will post a real estate [purchase or sale] transaction-based question for you to respond to no later than Thursday, March 8th at 5PM. If you answer […]

Agent Visual Inspections

Having completed thousands of transactions over the years, the Agent Visual Inspection form or AVID, is  requested several times through-out a transaction but often isn’t completed or provided until near the close of escrow. It is one of those disclosures and items that takes time away from other agent duties, and seems to get away […]

December 2016 Form Revisions & Additions

It’s that time of year… Form revisions and additions will be taking place and hitting your Winforms on December 12th.Follow this link for a summary as well as the forms for your review. Note that the changes in the revised forms are noted in Red.NEW FORMS… most of these will never apply to a regular residential […]